Monday, April 2, 2012

One of the main reasons for us to go to ps1 this weekend was to see this installation by Surasi Kusolwong. It's a room filled about 3 feet deep with big piles of cotton thread waste, just waiting to be rolled around in. Little r loves picking at thread pulls, fuzz, hair, and anything else stringy, so she was in little baby heaven crawling through the piles. I would recommend that everyone go and see it, but I just noticed that it closes today. I'm bummed that we didn't discover it sooner. We would have gone every weekend. 


  1. OMG leo would have loved that -- we'd probably get in trouble for drool contamination though.

    Also - this totally reminds me of Garment District - could always take R up to boston to roll around in a giant clothes pile!

  2. When I asked Ezra what he thought R would like for her birthday, his first suggestion was fuzz!