Monday, April 23, 2012


Who knows where I thought I would find the time, but I was sure I would be able to post last week with updates on my family's visit. The reality of it was non-stop chaos. I never even had the time (or the free hands) to pull out my real camera, so my only mementos are these quick iPhone shots.
Despite the total and complete wildness of it all, we had a great time. The weather could not have been better - it felt like summer (please note the shorts and t-shirts!) and the kids were all on best behavior (most of the time). We explored all of the parks in the neighborhood, went to the Transit Museum in Downtown Brooklyn, and even got our act together for a trip uptown to the Natural History Museum. It was so fun to see all of the cousins together and they really seemed to enjoy each others' company despite their age differences. It's a relief to have our house back to normal now, but man do we miss those kids!

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  1. Thanks for a wonderful trip! We had so much fun. Ezra is still talking about the amazing machines that give toys and the "best park in the world" in Brooklyn.