Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I decided to pull out my sewing machine the other day and finally get started on some little summer things I've been meaning to make for R. I have a small collection of vintage kids clothes sewing patterns and I have to remind myself that the reason I have them is to use them, and if I don't use them now, for little R, then when? I am so used the weeks-long knitting timeline that the speed of this project - finished in a matter of a few stollen hours here and there - amazed me. I now have no excuse not to make more.
I worked off of this romper pattern, using a Liberty "Nina" print I had in my stash. I was nervous about just going for it with such a nice bit of fabric and almost did a sample out of a scrap fabric first, but I knew I'd probably finish that one and never get around to the final. I'm glad I took the risk. 

The whole thing came out a little bigger than I had hoped, so to help ease the fit I added a little tuck in the front and back, right at the neckline. This made it fit a little better around the shoulders and I think helped "girl" it up a bit. I made a new pattern with that and a couple other adjustments and am going to try and whip up another one this week or next. . . stay tuned!

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  1. looks great! You are inspiring me to start on my sewing project for the girls.