Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I don't know where the motivation came from, but I woke up yesterday morning ready to tackle some projects. I think mainly I've been itching to start some new things and I know that I am not allowed to add to the stash until I've taken some things away. I decided to go ahead and get quilting.
The very first craft project I worked on back when I was still temping at Martha Stewart was about quilt repair and care. For the story, we re-edged a quilt that had been hand-pieced by an editor's grandmother. It was a postage stamp quilt, originally pieced in the 1930's, and I fell in love. I decided that even though I had never done any patchwork, I would try to make my own. I collected dozens of fabric swatches & cut hundreds of squares, but when it came to actual sewing, I didn't get very far. The finished piece is about 30 inches square. This was 7 years ago. Three years later I took another go at it, accepted its small proportions and started quilting. I figured since I hand-pieced the squares I really should hand quilt too. I didn't get very far with that either. Today I gave up all ghosts, revved up the machine and went for it. I cannot believe that I can actually say the quilting is done. It is still waiting for its edging, which I'll hopefully get to some time in the next 7 years.


  1. I haven't see this project before. It is beautiful. How perfect for R when she transitions to a toddler bed!

    1. If only it were big enough! It's more doll bed than toddler bed sized, but you know what? I am just happy to have it done! (well. . . almost done)