Wednesday, March 20, 2013

We celebrated R's second birthday last week with two parties, two cakes and lots of balloons. It's hard to tell in these photos, but she was really excited about the whole thing. She's the last of her little baby friends to turn two and she's been going to other kids' birthdays for months. She couldn't believe it was actually time to sing happy birthday to her (and she made me do it about 50 times). It's so funny - she was such a serious baby, it was really hard to get a smile out of her for anything. She was always just staring, looking around, absorbing it all. She's not like that at all now. She's silly all the time, full of giggles and wackiness, but man does her serious side come out in moments like these. She was so straight faced with the cake and presents, like this was her job and she was going to make sure to do it right.
There were, of course, a few things that brought out a grin - I mean who can't help but smile when they try a harmonica for the first time?


  1. Happiest Birthday Ruth!!! Her hair is getting so long. What a cutie! Miss you guys.