Monday, April 30, 2012

A practical edition of the project report: I finally finished our shower curtain! I know it's a pretty boring thing to read about on a blog, but I have to admit I am pretty proud. First, I really never thought I would get around to it because, well, it's so boring. But seriously, if I can finish this one, the rest of that pile will be a cinch. Second, it was my first attempt at French seams and (if you can believe it) button holes. This is huge for me. I actually have a stack of things I've been wanting to make but I keep putting off because the button holes were too intimidating. My machine has an automatic setting for them and a special foot attachment, so really, they couldn't have been easier. So, whew. No more staring at the plastic Ikea eyesore we've had hanging there, and another project checked off the list.

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  1. Oh, please show a picture of the finished curtain.