Friday, June 29, 2012

As a child (and to this day), I was obsessed with my Grandma's old photo album. It was always the first thing I wanted to pull out when we would visit her and I have so many memories of just pouring over the pictures, trying to imagine what it was like to have been those people on the other side of the lens. I practically have every picture in the album memorized. 
A couple of years ago I borrowed the album with the big dream of scanning all the photos and making a digital collection of them for myself, and the bigger dream still of making a book out of it. The years have past and a wedding and a baby and a move happened, and the album has remained untouched, save for the first few pages. 
In a couple of weeks I am going back home and we are taking a trip out to South Dakota to visit my Grandma (who is turning 93 this year!) and I know I have to bring the album back. It's just been too long.  So, the fire has been lit. I am using all free time to get this project done.  Onward. 

What are you doing this weekend?

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  1. wow what a special thing- makes me want to make my own for my grandkids :)