Monday, June 25, 2012

The skies opened up here in New York last Friday (and again this morning) and rained in a serious way. I tucked my self safely inside all afternoon, worked on a dying project and listened to the audio version of Bringing up Bebe.  I was really reluctant to read it, but I am thoroughly enjoying it. In parts, feeling cocky and confident that I am already following some of the methods she presents, and in others thinking "Oh, so that's how I should be dealing with r's eating/sleeping/throwing things on the floor problem". I am by no means about to dismiss all my parenting instincts that contradict what the author claims in the French style, but there are definitely some seemingly good solutions for those moments when I have no instincts at all.


  1. So what is to become of these colorful strips of fabric?

    1. I can't spill the beans until November - but I'll let you know then!