Friday, May 11, 2012


As I get older, my perfect birthday plans have gotten pretty mellow. Dinner at home (takeout, of course) with E & a good friend, followed by cake and ice cream (some things never change). This year, I decided to re-instate another family birthday tradition: the chocolate cake. For all the birthdays I can remember, my mom always made the same cake for us: a chocolate cake layered with canned cherries and whipped cream frosting, always with the same signature red heart on top. My sister made the same cake for E's birthday when she was visiting last month and it inspired me to make it for myself. At my sister's recommendation, I replaced the canned cherry layer with a spread of jam mixed with fresh strawberries and used the same strawberries for the iconic red heart. No matter how old you get, I think there should always be at least one birthday treat that makes you feel like a kid again.

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